This is our destiny.


good quotes from atla:

  • flameo hotman
  • no fire lord ozai, YOURE not wearing pants!

Alison Hendrix + Alison-isms

"Between acting and as a musician, I’d say I probably prefer playing my own shows as a musician because that’s when you’re truly the master and commander of your own ship and it’s always fun just playing music with a band, really just actively putting your energy into something that you’ve created is so much fun." - Darren Criss


i think im the most indecisive person but idk maybe not


the finale was beautiful and i had to make a piece about it.  thank you, bryke, for showing us that strength can manifest itself in many different ways within one character.

my art


endless list of favorite movies: Titanic (1997)

I can still smell the fresh paint. The china had never been used. The sheets had never been slept in. Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.