A few things I wanna talk about:

Steve buying Bucky the softest things he can find because Bucky’s been living with harsh and cold for so long

Bucky in soft, oversized sweaters with a messy bun

Bucky lunging in cozy sweatpants and feeling safe enough to doze on Steve’s couch

Bucky borrowing Steve’s sweaters and making breakfast in the morning


A Softer World 1087

One thousand years of sobbing: an autobiography

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Ash what is your damage

That was low even for you

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The idea that Happy Hogan’s favorite television show is Downton Abbey was at the suggestion of Jon Favreau, who is actually a big fan of the British series. He also felt the show would parallel the unrevealed back story that Happy is in love with Pepper but does not come between her and Tony out of respect for his boss, a theme that also exists in Downton Abbey. (x)
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